Jay’s Mission

Jay Zembower has a clear vision to bring Seminole County into the future.

  1. Strong support for local law enforcement and first responders to keep our families safe.
    Jay has a long history of working alongside local, state and federal law enforcement. As County Commissioner, Jay will make sure our police and emergency services have the resources, training and expertise they need to protect our community.
  2. Conservative fiscal leadership to keep our taxes the lowest in the region.
    The County Commission has a responsibility to use every tax dollar responsibly. If elected, Jay will fight so taxes in Seminole County stay low and are used only for quality county services.
  3. Promote new high-quality jobs and limit local regulations on small business.
    Jay is a small business owner and employer in Seminole County. He will bring his business expertise to the County Commission to promote job creation and remove burdensome regulations on local businesses.
  4. Encourage properly managed growth to ensure quality of life for our citizens.
    In 2004, Jay helped successfully lead a community coalition to protect our rural lands from overdevelopment. While development is necessary, the future of our community relies on the responsible growth of our commercial and residential properties.
  5. Vigilantly preserve, protect and restore our natural resources and rural areas.
    Seminole County has a unique ecosystem that needs our protection. Jay will fight for our environment, wildlife and rich natural resources, so they are preserved for future generations.