Tested and Proven Leader

In 2018 voters sent Jay Zembower to the Seminole County Commission – in a very close general election. And thank God they did! Commissioner Zembower protected the Rural Boundary at a critical time, didn't bow to the demands to "defund the police" and kept Seminole County open during the Covid pandemic.


About Jay Zembower

As our Commissioner, Jay Zembower, NEVER voted to increase the property millage tax rate, and he never will. When he was Chairman of the Commission during the 2020 Covid pandemic he struck a reasonable balance to keep businesses open and Seminole County moving forward. And he’s always protected the rural boundary, funded the Sheriff, worked to create jobs and control expenses. In addition, he supports strong efforts to ensure election integrity.

Jay is a native Floridian and a 40-year resident of Seminole County. His family has owned and operated Zembower’s Auto Center in Altamonte Springs for half a century. Jay has taken his knowledge of automobiles to the next level by becoming a nationally recognized transportation forensic expert in state and federal courts as well. As a businessman, Jay knows the value of hard work and balancing a budget. On the Commission, he’s known to be blunt and to the point – because he believes government should serve the people, so he doesn’t have time for meaningless bureaucracy or time-consuming regulations that slow or prohibit business growth.

Election Integrity

No Property Millage
Tax Rate Increase

Cut Government
Red Tape

of the 2nd Amendment

Real Talk for Tough Times.


Backing the Blue

Commissioner Zembower will always fully fund the Sheriff. Zembower will fight the crazy left that wants to defund the police. That’s why Sheriff Dennis Lemma has endorsed Commissioner Zembower: “I’m Dennis Lemma, Seminole County Sheriff and I am supporting Jay Zembower for re-election to our Board of County Commissioners. Jay has been steadfastly committed to preserve the high quality of life here in Seminole County and has always stood with the men and women who are walking out there in the community every day to protect our domestic and international freedoms.”

“I won’t back down from supporting our men and women in law enforcement”


Protecting the Rural Boundary

In 2004 Jay Zembower led a citizen initiative to establish Seminole County’s rural boundary – a battle that pitted Jay and the people against the big developers – Jay and the people won. As a Commissioner Jay consistently votes to protect that rural boundary, often coming under attack from those who seek to undermine the will of the people. But Jay doesn’t back down from that fight, he stands tall and votes for the will of the people. Jay believes and votes for “We the People.”

“I listen to the people not the lobbyists and developers”


Proud Defender of the 2nd Amendment

In these troubled times, some want to punish responsible gun owners for unspeakable tragedies instead of helping solve the serious issues we face as a society. Commissioner Zembower respects our Second Amendment and believes we should focus on arresting criminals not punishing law abiding citizens.

“I’m proud to support the 2nd Amendment”


Fiscal Watchdog. Consumer Champion.

During Commissioner Zembower’s term he also worked with the private sector to provide the homeless, the disabled and veteran’s housing and other assistance. He championed the Lake Harney Basin Study to help citizens get relief from flooding in the area and the funding for the State Road 434 improvements through Oviedo and Winter Springs. Jay never voted to raise the property millage tax rate and believes, like you do every month, that government should live within its means, which is why he’s viewed at a fiscal watchdog on the commission.

“I won’t ever vote to raise the property millage tax rate”


Keeping Residents Safe

Commissioner Zembower will always make public safety the number one priority. Zembower has supported funding efforts to protect the safety and health of firefighters and they know he has their back, which is why they’ve endorsed Commissioner Zembower for re-election.

“Keeping citizens safe, means keeping our firefighters healthy and safe”